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UGG Boots Outlet - Cheap UGGs Clearance Sale Online With Free Shipping

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Get Price UGG® Australia Adirondack II Boot (Women)

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  • UGG - Sole
  • UGG - 3/4 Back
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  • UGG - Adirondack II Boot - Women's - Otter
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  • UGG - 3/4 Front -
  • UGG - Sole -
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  • UGG - Adirondack II Boot - Women's - Otter
  • UGG - Adirondack II Boot - Women's - Black/Grey
  • UGG - Adirondack II Boot - Women's - Sand

UGG Adirondack II Boot - Women's


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    Good looks and high performance.

    Fashion meets function in the Ugg Women's Adirondack II Boot, perfect for winter hikes and après ski huts. Its waterproof breathable eVent membrane includes fully taped seams to seal out snow, and waterproof leather works with water-resistant suede to enhance the upper's wet weather protection. Ugg lined the Adirondack II in a gloriously soft UGGpure wool, and the top cuff folds up or down for customized warmth. There's also a removable UGGpure footbed equipped with a Vibram sole for the comfort and traction that snowy trails call for.

    • eVent membrane
    • Fully taped seams
    • Waterproof leather and suede upper
    • UGGpure wool insulation
    • Removable UGGpure footbed
    • Vibram sole
    • Item #UGG001T
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    Tech Specs

    Upper Material
    leather, suede, textile
    eVent membrane, fully taped seams
    UGGpure wool
    Temperature Rating
    -4 F
    removable UGGpure
    Vibram rubber
    Shaft Height
    7 in
    Recommended Use
    casual, hiking
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year limited
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    WIfe loves them

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

    I gave these to my wife for a x-mas present. Her feet are always cold. She has wore these boots everyday since. They are comfortable, waterproof, and really warm. These are a must have for anyone needing a great warm winter boot.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

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