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main#parts-container-new { visibility: hidden; display: none } One Direction Preferences

by CaitlinNicoleee One Direction Preferences Table of contents One Direction Preferences What does he do when you're feeling insecure? When do you know he's bored? When did you know that you two were serious? A picture of you two getting extremely intimate leaks online. What do you guys do to pass time on a long plane trip? There's a twitter trend about you two, what is it? You two are asked to kiss in the middle of a twitcam. How does he respond? What did your parents think of him? How does he greet you when he comes home from a long day? You are in their new video diary, what are all of you doing in it? He brings you on to the stage from where you were backstage... What does he do. It's your 1 year anniversary, what does he tweet about it? A fan tweets him asking if you two would consider getting married. What are some cute things you two do that makes the crowd go 'aww'. What are some of the highlights of going on tour with One Direction? A GUY 1D FAN MAKES INNAPROPRIATE COMMENTS TO YOU... He does something unintensioully hurtful to you ONE OF THE OTHER BOYS WALKS IN ON YOU NAKED HE THINKS YOU DIED YOU SEE ANOTHER BANDMATE NAKED HIS WEDDING VOWS TO YOU HE FINDS OUT ONE OF YOUR SECRETS BY READING YOUR DIARY YOUR BREAK UP SONG YOU UNINTENTIONALLY SAY SOMETHING DIRTY AN INTERVIEWER ASKS HIM TO READ THE LAST TEXT HE SENT YOU YOU ACT SASSY The world is ending YOU GET TWITTER HATE AND HE DEFENDS YOU HE CATCHES YOU TALKING TO YOURSELF YOU'RE JUST A FAN AND HE REPLIES TO YOUR TWEET ONE OF HIS SIBLINGS TWEETS ABOUT YOU You were fighting and he admits he likes you His favorite way to cuddle you Twitter Conversations YOU FIND A FUNNY PICTURE OF HIM YOU WON'T ADMIT YOU LOVE HIM I WON'T HURT YOU YOU'RE CUTE WHEN YOU'RE JEALOUS You're on your period He sees you walk out of the shower naked The first time he sees you naked You see him naked and your a fan He hits you HE USES YOU TO MAKE HIS EX JEALOUS PART 1 HE USES YOU TO MAKE HIS EX JEALOUS PART 2 HE USES YOU TO MAKE HIS EX JEALOUS PART 3 the first time he sees you (his pov) You like him but he doesn't know and insults you He Accidentally Embarrasses/Insults You You fight but secretly like each other The song he dedicates to you on tour YOU TEASE HIM You tease him in public and he wants you so you give in You leave him turned on you accidentally hit him in the groin One of the other boys check you out YOU ACCIDENTALLY GET 'HANDS ON' WITH ONE OF THE OTHER BOYS You Play Truth or Dare and Things Get A Little Dirty You do Something Embarrassing that He Finds Cute He Embarrasses Himself YOU ACCIDENTALLY FLASH HIM He wants you to strip for him You give him a love bite You two get interrupted THE OTHER BOYS READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES The boys think of you as a sister, but starts to have feelings for you You Faint In Public YOU TWO ARE JUST FRIENDS AND THE BOYS LOCK YOU IN A CLOSET You Catching Him Staring At Your Bum ONE OF THEM ACCIDENTALLY GRABS YOUR BOOB YOU CATCH HIM STARING AT YOU You're shy but he still notices you He kisses you while you're talking He Kisses You In Front Of The Boys And Their Reactions You're fighting and he kisses you Another member kisses you You're Inexperienced When It Comes To Kissing YOU TWO ARE FRIENDS AND YOU ADMIT YOU'VE NEVER BEEN KISSED YOUR FIRST KISS He proposes He saves you YOU AND HIM PRANK THE BOYS He pranks you You pull a prank on him He spanks you He Accidentally Scares You He compares you to his ex He accidentally hurts your feelings He has a wet dream You two do it in a public place You two act like you hate each other but secretly fancy each other He Calls You By His Last Name HE CALLS YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT He finds out you're doing drugs you get high together The boys don't like you How He Gets Your Attention YOU TWO GET VERY 'TOUCHY' DURING AN INTERVIEW AND ARE CALLED OUT You play hard to get You're his celebrity crush He gets jealous of your celebrity crush you dance to get his attention He Tries To Get Your Attention, But You're Oblivious What he does to get your attention How he hugs you YOUR KISS IN THE RAIN You two get caught making out how you two kiss How he asks you out He realizes he's in love with you He acts like he hates you but he really loves you You see one of the other boys naked You accidentally see his willy You're a fan and he calls you fat. Then he's sees you cut yourself. YOU'RE AN ACTRESS AND HE'S WORKING WITH YOU you're famous and one of the boys has a crush on you He mentions you in a interview The song that describes your relationship he hears you sing/for the first time Your song he catches you singing to yourself He catches you doing something You Wouldn't Dare You do something that makes him laugh he makes fun of one of your insecurities and makes you cry He tries to paint your nails He tries to do your hair You overhear him talking about you you pull a prank on him You accidently hit him in the balls YOU CATCH HIM BORROWING YOUR CLOTHES He Wants You Back You call yourself fat when you're infront of him One of the other boys accidently grab your boob you accidentally turn another boy on WHAT THE BOYS THINK ABOUT YOU You text him saying you're bored What you do when you're bored You style his hair WHAT HE DOES WHILE YOU DO HOMEWORK YOU TURN HIM ON You overhear him talking bad about you to the boys While you're on tour with them, one of the other boys hits on you He likes you but acts like he hates you. Part 1 He likes you but acts like he hates you. Part 2 You sing a One Direction song and he joins in HE FINDS YOUR OLD ONE DIRECTION TUMBLR He finds your hidden tattoo He Finds Out You Have A Hidden Talent He finds out a big secret from your past he finds your birthmark HE FINDS OUT YOU CAN SING Song he sings you when you're upset He catches you singing one of his songs His hand accidentally touches you somewhere The first time he asks you to stay the night You're little and he yells at you in front of the boys You give one of the other guys a boner in front of him HE COOKS YOU DINNER Kissing In The Rain The Song He Sings You When You're Feeling Insecure When You're Cold Have You Ever The Perfect Moment You accidentily hit him..in his private area he reads a dirty fanfic about you YOU'RE ON YOUR PERIOD You play twister YOU HAVE A DUMB MOMENT AND HE TEASES YOU You give him the silent treatment paul catches him sneaking into your room He finds out you can sing and he makes you sing in front of the boys He hears the boys talk about you sexually he talks about liking you to the boys He says something sexist and one of the boys defend you One of the boys ask you for advice He Buys You Feminine Products YOU EXPLAIN HOW YOUR PERIOD FEELS You have your period Awkward Interview You accidentally hit him where it hurts He accidentally touches your boobs in front of the boys You're scared of spiders You watch a scary movie together You meet him in a public place He Kisses You In Front Of The Boys And Their Reactions Kiss Cam first kiss Kissing under the mistletoe How he kisses you goodnight until you fall asleep he insults you, but he wins you back interview with him How you tease each other You have your period and it gets on the sheets at his house You get your period for the first time and he's the only one home He hears you singing one of his songs in the shower YOU'RE A FAMOUS SINGER AND YOU RECORD A SONG WITH HIM AND THE BOYS YOU SURPRISE HIM ON STAGE DURING ONE OF THE CONCERTS Other Stories New Reading List Vote


One Direction Preferences Fanfiction

A collection of 1D Preferences :))))

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Niall: The lads had slept over last night and you guys had stayed up super late. When you finally got up you were in just a bra and underwear so you slipped Niall’s red polo over your head. You headed downstairs and saw all the boys sitting all over the couch. Niall’s stomach growled. “Princess.” he said pouting. “I’m on it Ni,” you said knowing he wanted breakfast. You grabbed all the stuff you needed for pancakes, but you couldn’t quite reach the pancake griddle. “Niall!” you yelled. All the lads came rushing in thinking there was something wrong. You reached up to try and get it and your shirt came up and revealed your bum. The lads whistled and Niall groaned and said, “Babe you wear my shirt and then you do this. You’re killing me.” Ni put a hand on your waist and reached up to get the griddle. He pulled it off the high shelf and placed it on the counter. He leaned closer to you and kissed you cheek. 

Zayn: You and your boyfriend Zayn were watching T.V together. Zayn wanted to change the channel but you grabbed the remote first and winked at him. He smiled and reached over, trying to get it back from you. You shoved the remote down your bra and you guys wrestled for the remote. While searching for the remote, you and Zayn both forgot that you guys were watching T.V. He picks you up and shoves you into his bedroom. 

Liam: You, Liam, and the boys were at the movies, watching P.S, I Love You. During the beginning of the movie, Liam put his arm around you and you guys cuddled close together. Towards the end, a sex scene came on and things started to heat up a little. You reached over to squeeze Liam’s knee. You leaned in and whispered to him “That’s what I wanna do to you.” You start tracing his jaw line up and down. You leaned in to kiss him softly but it soon turned rough and passionate. Once the movie was showing the credits at the end, you pulled away and Liam whimpered slightly. The boys got up and stretched. When you were about to, Louis’ laughter interrupted you. “Woah boys looks like Liam’s bringing the 10 incher out.” The rest of the boys looked over and started chuckling. You frowned and then looked over to see what they were pointing at. “Oh, Liam… I’m erm.. uhh sorry?” You said since you did not know how to reply because this never happened to you two in public. The boys were laughing so loudly that when the other people were leaving, they kept looking over at your aisle. Liam stood up and looked at the boys angrily. He looked at you and softened his expression. “Well, I guess we will have to finish what (y/n) started.” Liam smirks and pulls you past the other boys with their gaping mouths. 

Harry: Tonight, you and Harry are babysitting Lux together. You are wearing very comfortable clothes… a loose T shirt, sweatpants, and uggs. You and Harry are cuddling on the couch while watching Lux watch tv. Harry goes to the kitchen to get something to eat. You sit and continue watching Lux. You go over to her and start playing with her. You tickle her and she starts laughing. You continue tickling her and you pick her up. You didn’t notice your shirt falling down and revealing your bra. Harry walks up to you and whispers “Babe….” You can feel him smirk and pull your shirt back up. He kisses your neck and walks back to the kitchen.

Louis: “I’m so bored (y/n)” Louis whispered to you. You rolled your eyes. You were both at dinner to celebrate the success of the new album with the other boys and management. “Well you’re the one who dragged me here in the first place.” You whined back. Louis sighed dramatically. In his own boredom, he began to trail his hand up your leg. You put your drink down and faced him. “Seriously?” He smirked and started to massage your thigh. “Im just  sooooo  bored. You flipped your hair to the side and began doing the same thing to him. You leaned in and kissed him quickly. You suddenly stopped. Louis gasped. “Why’d you stop??” You giggled. “Because it’s your turn to make a speech.” His eyes widened and he looked down. “Uhmm… I can’t.” You furrow your eyebrows. “Why not?” “Look down.” He said pointing to the ground. You looked down at the ground and didn’t see anything. “Lou wha—” suddenly, as you were bringing your head above the table, you saw his big… problem. “Oh my god Louis!” You whisper-yelled. “It’s not my fault!” “You can’t control it?” You asked. “Not when I’m around you.” He replied, cheekily. You hit him on the shoulder playfully. “Well, there’s only one way to solve this…” He said grabbing your waist. You pushed him off of you and told him to go and make his speech. He sighed and put up a menu to to cover his lower region. It was going pretty good until Harry came back from the bathroom and knocked the menu down.  ”Lastly, I’d like to thank my mum for be—” “Lou um do you have a um…” Harry whispers. “Shut up Haz.” Louis whispered hastily to him. He just continued laughing. “You do! Ha, (y/n) what did you do?” He turned to you and you started to blush. “Harry Edward!” Liam jumped in. “You can’t just— Oh my god Louis.” He changed his tone and gasped. Louis was fed up by now and shoved past everyone to get to you as he grasped your hand tightly and pulling you along with him. “Come on (y/n) we’re taking care of this… now…” He whispers seductively. 

Cast One Direction as Themselves