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Which are genuine Ugg boots?

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SugaryBits Mon 13-Oct-08 21:22:01

I am looking for some Ugg boots for a friends birthday and getting a bit confused!

Is there one particular brand which is considered to be the genuine original Ugg boot?

I have found these but not sure if they are real Uggs!

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Jewelsandgems Mon 13-Oct-08 21:33:40

Mine are real and look like those but they also have UGG on the sole [website does not show sole] the label looks a bit dodgy though - these are mine:


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SugaryBits Mon 13-Oct-08 21:37:18

Thanks Jewels, I did see that website and thought they were probably the origianl ones- as they are the most expensive!

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lou33 Mon 13-Oct-08 21:37:59

they dont look like real uggs to me, i agree about the label

also the toe shape looks different to mine

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SugaryBits Mon 13-Oct-08 21:45:57

Thanks Lou, I won't order them but can't afford the other ones so it's back to the drawing board!

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inscotland Wed 15-Oct-08 21:13:22

They look fake to me. The original uggs don't come in the colours offered by your website.

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platypussy Wed 15-Oct-08 21:23:14

With genuine ones the middle G in ugg is large.

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Flightattendant2 Wed 15-Oct-08 21:41:07

They're fake - well that is to say, 'Ugg boots' are a style of sheepskin boot common in Aus. But the actual fashionable and desirable ones, so to speak, are made by one particular company that manufactures in china. These are made in aus.

So they are 'ugg' style but not the ones you'd be wanting if you were a fashionista iyswim.

HTH - I have a genuine pair if you want any more tips on spotting a real pair.

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kt14 Thu 16-Oct-08 10:32:53

You need to look for Uggs manufactured by Deckers. Be very careful of any on ebay, have seen so many very good fakes, and the feedback is no giveaway in my experience.

The fakers are now very good at getting the details right, and it's not enough to look at the label - the key differences I've found are -

1. The label is often sewn in the wrong way round inside the boot
2. The care card provided has gold foil stamped on there, on the real ones it is raised from the page
3. On the sole of the boot there should be a small R in a circle next to the Ugg name. On the genuine ones this is hardly visible, on the fakes it is more pronounced.
4. The smell - real ones have that Croc like smell, fakes just smell like synthetic fabric.
5. The fakes ones feel thinner, on the real ones you should be able to see where you have rubbed the pile as it's thick enough, on the fakes it isn't.
6. The price, seems very good value but not too good to be true - £85 inc shipping for example!

Am very tempted to name and shame as just sent back some fakes to a company with 99.6% positive feedback, they gave me all my money back and even paid my return costs in return for my silence.. shock but i hate to think how many people are getting ripped off by them. I could only tell they were fake by comparing them with my real ones.

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kt14 Thu 16-Oct-08 10:34:09

BTW the link that jewelsandgems sent is to the Deckers uggs, that's what they should look like.

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platypussy Thu 16-Oct-08 14:34:43

If fakes are so difficult to tell apart from the 'real' ones then is it worth paying the extra? Anyone got cheaper ones and are happy with them?

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CountessDracula Thu 16-Oct-08 14:35:43

Apparently Uggs are out and Emus are in

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platypussy Thu 16-Oct-08 14:46:59

Oh - Off to google emus!

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saggyhairyarse Thu 16-Oct-08 17:27:55

I bought fakes but my own fault as if a bargain looks too good to be true it usually is!

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overthemill Thu 16-Oct-08 17:43:59

the website you saw is where I've just got mine from, seduced by the price and teh hope of comfort and warm feet walking to and from station/office (and will change to heels once at office) - the bit I saw said this:

Don't buy into the 'only x brand is authentic debate'ugg байкерские сапогиr>Ugg boots are a generic type of footwear (yes ours are funkier than others). See the news articles. (The real fakes) Once you've done your study, rest assured you are buying real ugg boots, and buying WHOOGA brand ugg boots. DO NOT confuse one particular make of ugg boots as being authentic. Unfortunately many manufacturers have had to go to court just to prove this. It is similar to saying only Dell make authentic computers, Apple and HP are also real computers.. Whooga Ugg boots are real ugg boots, just funkier and more fashionable..

i hope when they arrive i still love them!

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kt14 Thu 16-Oct-08 20:06:01

sounds fine, they aren't claiming to be the deckers uggs, and will probably be nice. It's the deckers rip-offs which are the problem, they are claiming to be something they aren't.

And platypussy, fakes can be a bargain, but the ones I got were proper Ugg priced, but inferior quality. Would rather pay £10 more and have the real deal tbh, or just go to next and get a cheap pair there.

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SqueakyPop Fri 17-Oct-08 07:07:45

I got genuine Australian sheepskin boots for my DD (size 4) in Costco for £22. They are exactly the same as Ugg, but without the big label on the back of the heel.

With a price tag of £150, they should be called Muggs.

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SueW Fri 17-Oct-08 07:39:24

I'd rather buy Celtic Sheepskin boots and support something made in the UK

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overthemill Fri 17-Oct-08 10:07:49

sue, these are wonderful - wish i'd seen them before i always prefer to buy local

may investigate for kids'

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SueW Fri 17-Oct-08 14:43:58

There's an interesting piece on the history of 'Ugg' boots on their website too, here

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LinziS Tue 18-Nov-08 16:35:06

I got my first pair of Decker UGG Australia uggs two years ago and thought they were worth every penny over the synthetic cheapos. That was until I got a pair of Whooga's. Not only are they much cheaper than UGG Australia, they are more comfortable and better quality. I got them from their website and their customer service was excellent too! I've ordered 3 more pairs!! I can't believe I got fooled by the UGG Australia marketing into believing only their uggs are genuine. I guess you could actually say that Whooga's are more genuine given that they are actually made in Australia and not China!! I'd rather have two pairs of Whooga's for the same price as one Ugg Australia and the label! If you just want to follow the fashion then buy Ugg Australia but if you want top quality and value, I'd only recommend Whooga. I can see Ugg Australia going down the Burberry chav route while Whooga will be the Mulberry!

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Neeerly3 Tue 18-Nov-08 16:47:59

try 'bearpaw' boots instead - TK Maxx have got em in at the mo - they are on my xmas wish list:


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jimmyjammys Tue 18-Nov-08 22:01:06

So which ones do i go for?? Decker Uggs, Whooga Uggs or the Emu Uggs - please tell me I have no brain left to make any good decisions. If the Decker ones are the best then I don't mind paying for them.

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Annnie Wed 17-Dec-08 17:01:33

I think there's some confusion here over what a genuine ugg boot is. An ugg boot is an Australian sheepskin boot - this is a generic term for a type of boot and there are many fabulous manufacturers out there. An AMERICAN company (Deckers) who manufacture sheepskin boots in CHINA has trademarked the generic term in some countries (not Australia) and these boots are called UGG Australia. They are no better or worse than other brands of sheepskin boots but might be more expensive than other brands.

So choose quality merino wool sheepskin ugg boots from any leading brand, follow the care instructions at http://www.snugboots.co.uk/sheepskin_care.html and enjoy your boots. I have two fabulous pairs incidentally which were manufactured in Cormwall and go through the washing machine!

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TheBlonde Sun 21-Dec-08 01:26:34

My Ugg Australia boots are made in NZ not China

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ugg boots website

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'Fake UGG boots website ripped me off'


This schoolgirl received a fake pair of UGG boots from a website that appeared totally legitimate: a salutary warning for online Christmas shoppers.

Girl holding her Ugg boots

Good detective work: Deckers told Tamsin the company shut down over 11,000 fake boot sellers on ebay and 304,000 from other websites last year

I am a thirteen year old school girl and I got ripped off buying UGG boots online.

So I decided to turn detective and track down who conned me in order to prevent them doing it to anybody else.

I had saved my pocket money and cash presents from grandparents for months. I had a good idea what UGG boots cost in the shops. This was more than I could pay, so I searched for cheaper ones online. The internet was inundated with options all much cheaper than in the shops.

One site called caught my eye near the top of the search engine results. It looked convincing. Unlike some of the other sites, the UGG Australia® logo was emblazoned across the site.

I thought it was the UK branch of the official UGG store. The information appeared genuine – lifted from the real UGG Australia site probably – and the pictures looked real. Best of all the boots were less than half the price of the ones in the shop.

My parents were surprised that UGG boots were selling so cheaply, so told me to ask where exactly the boots were coming from. The response was quick. An email from someone called Victoria told me they were coming from the UGG factory in China. I had done my research, and I knew UGG boots were made in China, so that didn't arouse suspicion.

Then my parents told me to ask about import duties. Again, I received a prompt reply from Victoria to say there were no import duties. We placed the order using a Visa card and I paid back the cash to my parents.

The boots took about two weeks to arrive. When they did, just looking at the box told me that they were fakes, and opening the box was worse. The 'sheepskin fur' stank of aerosol paint and came off easily. I had been cheated.

I went back to the website to see how to complain and only then did I notice that there was no address or telephone number. I emailed my complaint. Victoria replied saying the factory was authorized by an official factory nearby and was obtaining real boots cheaply, meaning it was able to sell high volumes at low prices.

Ugg boots

The real deal: UGG boots

She told me I could tell my boots were real sheepskin by setting fire to a little of the fur - it would burn to a powder, proof she said that they were sheepskin. I did not set fire to the boots, however, because I have found out that real sheepskin is flame resistant.

Victoria said I could only get my money back by posting the boots at my own expense to the factory in China and allowing them to keep a 'restocking' fee. This seemed like throwing good money after bad.

So I then did something I should have done in the first place – a domain check at http://www.domaintools.com/

I found the site was registered to a Hai Mingwei in Guangzhou, China. There was a phone number, address and email address too. I emailed the customer service division of the UK branch of UGG Australia and asked them about the website that had conned me.

An email came back saying there was a list of authorized retailers on the real UGG web site and that the site I had used was 'not a genuine Deckers UGG Australia retail partner'. The email also said: 'We are aware of this company and both our Legal team and UGG Australia's legal team are working on having this page removed.'

That was some time ago – but the fake website is still there. In fact it is offering even better 'bargains' now. The only difference is that it no longer comes up with an ordinary web search – customers have to look specifically for it. There are, however, plenty of other realistic looking fake sites which feature prominently on searches for Uggs and only a domain check will unmask them.

This is more than some consumers will know to do. So I decided to find out what Deckers Outdoor Corporation in the US was doing to protect its UGG brand.

Deckers is suing a rival American company, Bearpaw, for making boots which it says look like UGG boots. Angel Martinez, Deckers' chairman, said: 'The strong bond between UGG Australia and its retail customers goes beyond commerce. It is about trust .... Knock-off companies and counterfeiters are confusing the consumers and betraying their trust.'

But I wanted to know how the counterfeiters in China were being tackled. A spokesman for Deckers told me the company had shut down over 11,000 fake boot sellers on eBay and 304,000 from other websites last year. The company adde: 'These numbers should give you a sense of how pernicious these counterfeiters are and how computer savvy.'

The company also cooperates with customs to conduct investigations in China and factory raids, the spokesman claimed. I offered Deckers the name and address of the factory which had conned me. I could have given Deckers several names and addresses of counterfeiters. Deckers did not respond, however.

The Deckers spokesman suggested I could have protected myself by using the police or Trading Standards or a Better Business Bureau. I have not been able to find any advice from Trading Standards about UGG boots and it seemed doubtful that the police could involve themselves with criminals in China. Better Business Bureau is a US organization which is not active here.

UGG Australia's website provides information about counterfeit products and a list of approved retailers. It is not entirely easy to tell which is the genuine UGG website, however, so people will continue to be conned before they spot this.

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