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Teilifís le Gabriel Rosenstock

Ar a cúig a chlog ar maidin, bhí leanbh óg an fhile ag iarraidh féachaint ar an teilifís.
At 5 in the morning, the poet's young child wanted to watch the television.
Thuig an file nach feidir argóint le leanbh óg.
The poet did not want to argue with the young child.
Chuaigh an file síos an staighre leis an leanbh.
The poet went downstairs with the child.
Bhí an seomra suí an-fhuar.
The sitting room was very cold.
D'fhéach siad ar an scáileán bán.
They looked at the white screen.
Cé nach raibh clár teilifíse ar scáileán, bhí samhlaíocht iontach ag an gcailín.
Although there wasn't any program on the screen, the girl had a great imagination.
Dar leis an bhfile, chonaic an cailín sneachta agus sioráf tríd an sneachta. Chonaic sí ulchabhán Artach ag eitilt san aer freisin.
According to the poet, the girl saw snow and a giraffe in the snow. She also saw an Arctic owl flying in the air.

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