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A seventeen-acre t sffxchnh. австралия uggsract of land was purchased in 1967. The building was started in 1967 and completed in 1968. Production of strut tubes commenced with five machines in 1968. From 1968 to 1970, 20 additional tube machines were added and production was increased to a 24-hour operation. In 1972, the Company purchased an idle surplus paper machine from West Virginia Pulp and Paper (West Vaco) that was located in Tyrone, PA. The machine was dismantled and moved, some 200 tons, with only Cleaners Hanger people and trucks. The machine was sandblasted, reworked, reassembled, and restarted in July 1974.


In the first year of production, the mill produced 9,500 tons with projected production being 75,000 tons for 1999. This increase in production was accomplished by continual upgrades and investment. Some of the major improvements are listed below.

1. Changed from one (1) 18” refiner with 200 connected horsepower to four 30” refiners with 2400 connected horsepower.
2. Added screening equipment to remove plastics and contaminates for the waste paper. In 1997, the cleaning system was upgraded at a cost of $1 million.
3. Added dilution control equipment to control stock consistency, built and designed by Massillon plant.
4. Added vacuum pumps for water removal improved formation and increased machine speed. All ceramic covered vacuum boxes on forming table.
5. Replaced plain press sections with vacuum rolls — additional water removal, improved formation, additional production. In 1997, the second presses were upgraded to 32” at a cost of $400,000.
6. Replaced original dryers (low pressure 4OLB.) with new high-pressure dryers (100 LB.) and increased section from original 35 to 48 dryers. Frames and gears supplied by Cleaners Hanger. In 1997, the dryers were reclassified to 150 PSI. Since 1997, the Boiler Rooms have been upgraded to generate the required steam. Because of this continuous upgrade, machine speeds and production per have and will continue to increase.
7. Added additional boilers to provide additional steam demand for change to high pressure and 13 additional dryers to the No. 1 machine.
8. Increased machine speed from 225 ft. per minute 1200 ft. per minute.
9. Added state of the art computer controlled S.C.R. (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) for speed and sectional drive control. Designed by Massillon, built by Avtron.
10. Replaced upright reels with high-speed horizontal reel. Designed and built by Massillon.
11. Installed automatic tension control on rewinder, with new Drum Rolls built by Cleaners hanger, resulting in finished roll hardness exceeding industry standards.
12. Developed the P.C.C. (Programmed Controlled Cleaning) Shower — using 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per minute as opposed to conventional oscillating showers using 90 to 100 gallons per minute. This shower was the critical element in the close-up of the system and achieves most of the zero effluent in compliance with EPA mandates.
13. Installed more efficient Three Stage Condensate Return System on No. 1 and No. 2 machines.
14. Installed Beta Gauge Moisture Control Monitors on both machines. The monitors coupled with a computer, will control moisture and basis weight. The net result will be a more consistent production of the product. In 1999, the computerized machine controls were upgraded to Windows98. In addition, all the moisture, basis weight, and consistency gauges on the machines were upgraded at a cost of $250,000.


Pursuant to expanding the operations, Cleaners Hanger felt they needed a long-range energy program. Not only is the paper business a very capital-intensive industry, it is also very energy intensive as well. During the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Fuel Oil and Natural Gas industry suffered from over regulation with allocations and incremental pricing being the norm.

The system generating boilers have the capability of burning fuel oil or gas. During an 18-month period, I~2 fuel oil went from $0.46 per gallon to $1.10 and natural gas $1.05 per MCF to $4.84 MCF. Cleaners Hanger was not able to pass on this rapid increase in the price of their finished product and profit margins were severely effected. They decided to take on the public utilities and try their luck at drilling their own gas well. The first well on the property was drilled just south of the plant parking lot. Drilling was commenced December 1983. The well was put into production in February 1984. They setup their own regulating station to control the flush production pressure of 125 PSI and reduce it to 25 lbs. The 25-lb. pressure is transferred to the boilers and further regulated to 15 ounces. They then introduced their gas into a header also being supplied by East Ohio Gas. Through a series of check valves, they were able to mix their gas with East Ohio’s without fear of an outage if service was interrupted from the Cleaners Hanger well. Armed with the success of this first well in both production and economics, Cleaners hanger drilled ten more wells. They made the decision that if they were going to be in the gas business, they should be in it in a way that would be sufficient lever in rate negotiations with East Ohio Gas Company.


The plant is located in the city so land available for drilling leases was limited. Cleaners Hanger constructed their own pipeline to reach some distant areas. This pipeline now covers a ten mile area and has 14 wells connected to it. Through this network. they -have delivered 1,000,000 Cu. Ft. of gas per day to their plant. The 1,000,000 are the normal daily consumption. East Ohio was faced with the loss of the Cleaners Hanger account and Cleaners Hanger’s ability to obtain favorable status from the Ohio PUCO. Environmental also drilled wells. In 1986, cleaners Hanger signed a five year contract for gas delivered to their pipeline for $2.70 per MCF. This contract was also extended in 1991 for an additional five years. The result of Cleaners Hangers drilling program has been stable prices from Environmental for ten years and lower prices from East Ohio. All during this time, cleaners Hanger is still taking gas from their own wells, but through a controlled program designed to extend longevity.

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