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50+ Classes Weekly







ugg gearrFCC00;background:#000000;top:335px;left:19px;letter-spacing:3.5px;" class="">Track RPM's, distance, heart rate & more

Monthly Small Group Series

Welcome to FIT Studio. Client Login >>

Class Schedule FIT News FIT News ** FIRST TIME @ FIT **

FIT Schedule Changes Start 11-27 –  LEARN MORE

Boot Camp @ FIT  – MWF at 5:15 to 6:15 AM with Margaret – New session starts Monday, Nov 27th – LEARN MORE and SIGN UP

New Dance Class & Instructor –  LEARN MORE

TRX Suspension Training  – Sign up for monthly series. Why not, it’s only one month, right? LEARN MORE

Personal Training  – Is it right for you?

Front Desk Team. Welcome to FIT Studio.  Our front desk team is here to assist you upon your arrival at the Studio.  Our team is available to handle any question regarding your upcoming workout, your experience in class, billing and payments, or feedback to management and your instructor teams.  If you are a first timer, we will assist you so that you feel at home on the Group Fitness floor.  So, do not hesitate to seek us out.  We want you to experience success and comfort from the moment you walk through the door!  Our goal is to help assure that your time is well spent and that you feel rejuvenated by the time you finish your workout with us. We look forward to getting to know you at FIT! Contact us with any questions.

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marine uggs Skip to Primary Content Skip to Navigation Please Enable Cookies Cookies are required for our site to function properly. Please go to your browser settings and enable cookies. Idea Boards loading Bed Bath & Beyond Buy Buy Baby FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $ 49 details In-Store Pickup Reserve Online, Pay in Store shop now PRODUCTS University small loader Wedding & Baby Registry small loader small loader small loader Home > Holiday > Christmas > Christmas Trees > National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

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National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

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For indoor or outdoor use Splits into sections for easy setup Metal-hinged branches attached to center pole Tree stand included 4-1/2' tree features 31" diameter and 576 branch tips 6-1/2' tree features 40" diameter and 1184 branch tips 9' tree features 50" diameter and 2832 branch tips 10' tree features 54" diameter and 3880 branch tips 12' tree features 64" diameter and 6546 branch tips 14' tree features 72" diameter and 9303 branch tips 5-year manufacturer's warranty Imported

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View More Loader Image Holiday > Christmas > Christmas Trees > National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree","department_name":"","product_url":["/store/product/national-tree-company-dunhill-fir-slim-artificial-christmas-tree/3336147"],"brand_id":"2068","brand_name":"National Tree Company","product_image_name":["National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree"],"product_image_url":["//$478$"],"product_sku_id":[],"product_sku_name":[],"product_id":["3336147"],"product_name":["National Tree Company 14-Foot Dunhill Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree"],"product_price":["$1,539.99"],"call_to_action_type":"pv","product_subcategory_id":[""],"product_subcategory":["Christmas"],"product_sub_sub_category_id":[],"product_sub_sub_category":[]} '/>

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A playful collection of tiny 3 oz. gold tins wrapped in geometric patterns with gold foil accents come together to create the cutest mix! With eye-catching colors and memorable fragrances, these metallic candles bring some extra pizzaz to your home decor.
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