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UGG Lynnea Boots

UGG Women Lynnea Leather Boots 1955 Black

Special Price:$185.50

UGG Women Lynnea Leather Boots 1955 Chocolate

Special Price:$185.50

UGG Women Lynnea Suede Boots 1955 Black

Special Price:$185.50

UGG Women Lynnea Suede Boots 1955 Chestnut

Special Price:$185.50

UGG Women Lynnea Suede Boots 1955 Chocolate

Special Price:$185.50

UGG Women Lynnea Suede Boots 1955 Grey

Special Price:$185.50

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ugg Lynnea Clog Boot

My first blog on shoes (ever) was on the Ugg Abbie clog, which even with its hazards, is one of my favorites. I own them in black and chestnut. Since three of the same shoe is a bit too much, even for me, I opted for something super similar, but different enough. The Ugg Lynnea. With a heafty price tag (retails for $200+), this boot is warm and stylish. Sadly it has been 80 degrees here and I have not had the chance to wear them, but from romping around the house in them (I suggest wearing them with something other than pijamas... not the best look), I can say that these boots are just what I was looking for. The fur lining is really just on the toe part of the insole, and then again around the cuff. My toes, yes, those need extra warmth from the fur, my ankles? Not so much. But, they were made to be worn either up or folded over in which case you would have the fur showing around the ankles. I've seen pictures on the internet of people wearing them with the exposed fur, and while it looks fine on them, I don't think I can bring myself to sport that look. I am usually a few years behind the trend (aren't you glad you are reading my blog?) so perhaps someday, but for now, I am perfectly content wearing them up. I went with the charcoal grey color figuring I could wear it with both black and brown, but I do have my eye on the chestnut color which has a reddish hue to it. I imagine that color would look great with blue jeans, or even grey jeans. The charcoal suede is burnished, a look I can't quite get over. It makes me feel like I haven't taken care of my shoes, even though they are brand new. Like jeans that come with holes in them. I am posting some terrible pictures... taken from my iPhone... did I just admit that the iPhone isn't perfect? Side track. I believe I would like them more if they were uniform in color. I asked Dave if he thought they looked weird being two toned, and he gave me a half hearted,"Nah," and then said people who know fashion will know they are meant to be like that. I work at an elementary school. Kids will think I spilled milk on the front of both of my shoes. Not that they were intentionally made to look like milk was spilled evenly... on both shoes. So now I am deciding between black, which is almost tooooo shiny for me, or holding out for the chestnut. Now, there is also the Ugg Lynnea II, which is almost identical to the original Lynnea, but the fur on the inside is more "hairy" vs. "sheepy" (think fur vs. knobby wool type) and it is dyed closer to the color of the shoe, and the top of the boot is more crinkly... I read somewhere that is more of an ostrich texture... I know exactly what that is since I handle ostrich skin all the time.
Both of these were taken with the flash on so the color difference stands out more.

The downsides: they are priiiicceeeyy! Again, I am a teacher. $200 is a lot for shoes... Uggs or not. The shoes also have a wooden/ clog bottom. They are loud when you walk and people can hear you coming from miles away. Maybe miles is a stretch, but take my word for it, wood floors and steps are loud. I feel like I am always calling attention to myself, or saying,"Hey, look at my shoes!" But for $200, maybe people should look at them? Sizing was also a complaint for some. I usually wear an 8.5, and went with the 8. I won't be able to wear thick socks, but I suspect I'll be able to suck it up from my car to the building if the weather is super cold. I don't plan to wear these hiking or on long walks so that doesn't bother me. They feel fine with normal socks but some 8.5-ers went with the 9 so they could wear those wooly socks.

All in all, I think the boot is a great buy... it can be dressed up or down, and goes with dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.  If you need to try it on, I suggest a store, though you will pay a lot more for it. Online, has the lowest price I've found (slightly over $100 for the black leather, $150 for the black suede, a lot more the chestnut). Free shipping and I believe, free returns, which is a plus. Here's a tip... if you add it to your cart, and then move your cursor to the "cart" link (but don't click on it), an extra 10% coupon may pop up to encourage you to check out... good marketing technique... worked on me!

Black Ugg Lynnea from Sports Authority... I'm not sure I would have looked there for Uggs... who knew?

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