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Where can i find fake ugg boots for cheap.

Hello, Since the fall is approaching fast, I really want a pair of boots. Kind of like Ugg boots but NOT uggs because they use sheepskin. So I was wondering what some good fake uggs are and where to buy them. I know a lot of people think they are ugly but it can get pretty cold here and I really want some. So does anybody know of any fake uggs? Also, do EMU boots use sheepskin, I know they use wool. But I am not sure about the skin...Thank you, and I don't mind if you say Uggs are ugly. Og yeah, and I want mid-calf so I can tuck in my jeans. And they need to be cheap. I know I am extremely picky :[ sorry.

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ANSWER #1 of 8

k I have bear paw boots that are only like $30 they look exactly like uggs except they say bear paw where ugg is on the boot!

ANSWER #2 of 8

you can get lots of boots at red white and blue(if you know) (used things) wal mart had some alsome one's! omg they where so cute... did'ent get them though...

hope this helps...

Where can I find fake Uggs with Ugg tags for cheap?

ANSWER #3 of 8

Yes, exactly like those, but they don't have my size and I would like a darker beige. But thank you those are what I want. Kudos to you, good job!

Where can I find english tall boots for a real cheap price?
ANSWER #4 of 8

Hehe well over here we have a shop called Primark which sell everything like ridiculously cheap. So cheap that you don't mind buying something if you're only going to wear it once..They do fake Uggs for like £6...around $12. Unfortunately you don't have Primark in the US lol. I do know that EMU australia boots use sheepskin if that helps. I have some ones Uggs from Rocketdog..Do you have that in the US? They're around £60-£75..$120-$150..
Good luck!

Where can I get cute mid calf boots cheap?

ANSWER #5 of 8

You mean like...THESE?!

How to tell if a dooney & bourke is fake?
ANSWER #6 of 8

*bows* :D

Where to find Ugg boots?

ANSWER #7 of 8

:O Mikeh those are so kl!...and so cheap...and VEGAN! I might get myself some of those.

UGG in Dc
ANSWER #8 of 8

Aeropostale had some. They were really cute and they were only like $40.

Where to buy UGG boots in DC?

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Are Ugg boots cheaper in Australia?

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Are Ugg boots cheaper in Australia?

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  •  Budget Tips

It’s widely thought by people (mainly females) that Ugg boots in Australia are much cheaper to buy than anywhere else in the world.

In a nutshell, they’re not, but there’s an important twist. Here’s what I learned about buying Ugg boots in Australia…

Last September I travelled to Chicago to record a couple of videos which will be available on the site shortly. The day I got back into the office, Aisling (a colleague of mine) asked me, “What did you get Vicky (my girlfriend)?” “A pair of Ugg (Australia) boots,” I told her as I explained how they are far cheaper in the States. Then Aisling informed me that Uggs are even cheaper in Australia, as that’s where they’re made. Fortunately for Vicky, I was travelling there a couple of months later.

Upon learning that Uggs in Australia are cheaper than other countries, Vicky politely asked me if she was receiving a present from Down Under, and if so, was there any way that present could be a pair of US size 5 grey Bailey 3-button Ugg boots. She can be very precise when she wants to be.

Being the good boyfriend that I am, I went in search of these Ugg boots in Sydney. But when I went looking for them I found out that in Australia, ‘Ugg’ boots are actually a type of footwear, just like slippers or trainers. So, in fact, in Australia there are numerous type of Ugg boots, by brands such as ‘Urban Ugg’, ‘Shearers Ugg’ and others.

While all these brands are Australia-owned, they’re not the famous Ugg boots that most girls want, even though they are substantially cheaper. Instead, the ‘Ugg Australia’ boots, which are actually owned by American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation who are based in the US, are just as expensive in Australia as they are in Ireland, the UK or other countries.

So, if you’re going to Australia and are in search of cheap Ugg boots, the good news is you’ll find them. They just won’t be the brand that everybody knows so well. Instead, you’ll find these in the US of A. If you’re planning a trip to to find Ugg boots in Australia, why not book a hostel in Sydney to free up some additional shopping funds.

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