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Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

If you are experiencing issues with your Multi Tronic Auto gearbox, please read on. It’s a long post but there is some useful info which may save you time. If you’re thinking about buying an Audi with an MultiTronic gearbox registered between 2000 and 2005, do some research. After reading the comments towards the bottom of this page, you will find that there have been reports of newer models (past 2005) experiencing issues, but I can only explain the experience with my vehicle.

If you are or have experienced issues with your Audi gearbox, please leave a comment. There are currently over 700 comments on this page. Click here and browse to the bottom of the page to leave a comment, or feel free to read existing comments by drivers who have experienced issues.

My experience:

I own an Audi A4 which experienced issues with its MultiTronic gearbox. The issue first started with a jerk/jump when setting off from drive gear. I could still get by as long as I gently pressed the accelerator when setting off from drive. If you are experiencing the same, it may get worse.

The car was a few years old at the time of purchase. I took it into Audi for a check and they replied “You need a new gearbox, cost £4,000”. Now that’s a lot of money!

As I drove the car, overtime the gearbox started to jerk, jutter, rattle when changing gears. I carried out a few searches on the Internet and found that lots of drivers were experiencing the same issue.

A few drivers recommended replacing the gearbox oil so i booked the car in with Audi. Cost me around £180 for oil and labour, but did not help. For your information my Audi A4 required around 5 litres of oil costing approx £11 per litre but please contact your local Audi Dealer for advice. Audi recommend you replace your gear box oil every 40,000 miles, but this may vary for different models of cars, so worth getting this checked out.

If your gearbox experiences rattling noises whilst driving, get the fly wheel checked. A brand new one costs approx £430.

Someone recommended contacting Audi head office in Germany. I did and they transferred my query to Audi Head Office UK. I received a reply from one of the managers who basically said he couldn’t help. I was also told it was normal as my car had done lots of mileage.

I decided to shop around for a refurbished gearbox. I contacted various companies around the UK but found that none were in stock. One of them commented “I wish I had 20 of those, I would retire if I did”. Most said we receive calls from Audi drivers daily looking around for the same gearbox.

If you are thinking about shopping around for a refurbished gearbox, it’s worth having your gearbox code and part number to hand otherwise you may be sold the incorrect gearbox. You can obtain the codes from your local Audi dealer or by contacting Audi head office in the UK. Audi will ask for a chassis number so have this to hand. Be prepared for high quotations for a refurbished gearbox as they are not cheap! From my research, a refurbished gearbox can cost anywhere from £1400 to £3,000 pounds.

I decided to visit a local gearbox specialist. The gearbox specialist centre took the car for a test drive and said my gearbox required refurbishing and the flywheel was also faulty which was causing the rattling noises (Both fitted with a 2 year warranty or 24,000 miles). They quoted me a price cheaper then the other garages I had contacted so I decided to go ahead. Whilst I was at the garage there were three Audi A4’s on ramps. All with registrations between 2002 and 2005. I asked the mechanic what those cars were in for. He replied “The same as yours, faulty Multitronic gearboxes. It’s a common fault, we get lots of these”. I mentioned to him Audi knowing nothing about this common fault. He replied “Of course they are aware”

I decided to contact Audi again and explained its got to be a common fault with Audi’s especially the ones built with Multitronic Gearboxes from around the year 2001 to 2005 (approx).  Again, Audi replied we have not had any complaints from drivers and are not aware of any problems. I asked for a contribution towards the repair of my gearbox but again not willing to help.

If you own an Audi with a Multitrionic auto gearbox and are experiencing problems, please log the issue with Audi UK so they are aware of the fault. If you are from outside the UK, you can email Audi Germany . Contact details can be found towards the end of this post.

Contact details below:

Audi UK: Tel: 0113 2059809
Audi Head Office Germany –

If you are or have experienced issues with your Audi gearbox, please leave a comment. There are currently over 700 comments on this page. Click here and browse to the bottom of the page to leave a comment or read existing comments by drivers who have experienced issues.

Good luck

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973 Responses to “Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems”

  1. Roseann Jarvie - December 31st, 2010


  2. Gronconse - January 1st, 2011

    Thanks for some quality points there. I have filed a complaint to WatchDog.

    By the way, thanks for taking the time to put this advice together.

  3. selling Audi - January 4th, 2011

    Doesn’t seem to matter which dealer you go to, be it Audi, Mercedes or BMW, the quality oft he sales staff seems to be incredibly poor andt he customer service practically non-existant.

  4. No More Audis for Me - January 7th, 2011

    Just found this site and it is has been a comfort to know I am not alone with the problems with Audi gearboxes. This is my 4th Audi and the 3rd gearbox to fail leaving me with a £7,500 bill first time, a scrapped car next and now with a £2,000 bill.

    I will never, ever buy another one of these cars again and I am going to take Audi to Court for selling something that they know is not fit for purpose and quite frankly dangerous. When a gearbox fails at 70mph and you lose all gears it is not funny. Its not particularly funny when he local Audi dealer says it will take 2 days to even think about looking at you car before they then come up with some ridiculous repair bill.

    Audi should be ashamaed of themselves. Thankfully it is within my gift to ban the purchase of all Audi and VW cars within my workplace and that is exactly what I have done.

  5. Ian Mills - January 10th, 2011

    I have just purcased an A6 1.9TDi 2005. I had a quick look on the internet before I purchased the car and people seemed to like the gear box and said they were reliable. After one month the dreaded shudder has began and I am now waiting for the impending doom. This is when I found this site. If I had found this before, I would have bought the other audi A6 I was looking at which was manual. I also have the dead zone when accelerating fast from a stand still. I have found that if you take your foot off the brake and allow the car to start to move under its own power ( about a second ) or if you do this first and then very gently press the brake so it just stops it, and then press the accelerator the effect is gretly reduced.
    I work for Jaguar/Landrover, so I have seen the cars being assembled. The shells of manual and automatic transmission cars are the same. The only apparent differences, except for the actual gearboxes, are the clutch/accelerator/brake pedal assembly, the link from clutch pedal to gearbox, the gear lever and gate, and the linkage from the lever to the box. Has anybody thought or tried to replace the auto box with a manual. This seems to be the only way to stop the problem in its tracks. It may be more work, which will cost more, the the gearboxes are more readily available from salvage yards etc, so would be cheaper, and as the manual is virtually bullet proof, you wouldn’t be waiting for the box to fail again. Anybody have any thoughts ?

  6. admin - January 13th, 2011

    Hi Ian

    I did enquire about fitting a manual gearbox to replace my multitronic gearbox but the cost to do so was worth more then the car. I’m sure it’s possible but would be an expensive job unless you can do it yourself. There is the ECU to think about aswell.

  7. Jessica Schnarr - January 13th, 2011

    Thanks to to you, I was able to get the right info to get my car sorted. Drives like new now. Thanks a trillion


    A person who maintains a commitment to Social Justice, Progress, and Peace observes the world and continues to think....

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Columbia Three- Jail Journal

    I have just completed reading 'Columbia Jail Journal' by James Monaghan, the most senior member of the group of Irish Republican's, whose detention in Columbia led them to be dubbed the 'Columbia Three', more details of the case are to be found on
    I must say that this book is an impressive account, Monaghan delivers a precise and well written book covering the full story of the groups travails in the Columbian prison system. His account is devoid of cliché and is very human in the way that he observes the behaviour of his captors, and fellow prisoners. He observes perhaps surprisingly that there were good and bad characters to be found amongst all the various prisoners they encountered, not all of their FARC/ELN comrades are portrayed as heroes nor are all the right-wing paramilitaries they had to share their imprisonment with cast, as villains. Though in reference to the latter it is made clear by Jim Monaghan, that given the right circumstances and direct orders, then these guys would have had very few qualms about cutting the three Irishmen's throats. It is evident too that it was in no small part their collective discipline and good humour that got the men through their ordeal, and of course in this context the support and contact they received from friends and comrades both abroad and in Columbia itself were crucial to maintaining their morale. There are lighter moments, too, in this fascinating account, as James Monaghan struggles with his lack of Spanish and tries to avoid the attentions of a homicidal fellow inmate, while Martin McCauley bargains all around him for cigarettes and matches. Although found not guilty on the charges of training FARC rebels, and released, an appeal by the prosecution saw them sentenced in December 2004 to 17 years in jail. Meanwhile, however, they had gone into hiding, and by August 2005 they had made their way back to Ireland.
    Another impressive aspect of this book is the care which with the author takes in explaining the byzantine complexities of the Columbian political situation, its peace process and its progress or lack of progress, was clearly integral to their own fate. The deep understanding of the political situation in Columbia displayed by the author certainly added a depth to the account which was enlightening. The direct and blatant involvement of the USA in the political and judicial process in Columbia was even to this reader a total surprise. I had of course fully understood that the USA would be influential in the background, but the extent of its overt power in this and other central American states astonished me. This was perhaps most amply illustrated when, the initial forensic tests, which proved utterly flawed, were actually undertaken on the men and their possessions by an operative from the US embassy in Bogota. What other country in the world would have its embassy staff so directly involved in the investigative functions of another state?
    The account is also greatly enhanced by Monaghan's own line drawings of various people and places they encountered throughout their time in Columbia. Its a good read and a story that needed telling, and I am delighted that Jim was in a position to create this account for posterity. It is clear that on a number of occasions these men could easily have been 'disappeared' as so many others have in the Columbian conflict. The high profile that their case attracted, and the subsequent attention of Irish people and other progressives throughout the world,was in all likelihood the crucial factor in ensuring that they lived to tell the tale.

    Columbia Jail Journal is available in most good book shops, further details are to be found on the Brandon Books webpage

    89 comments: said...

    In the absence of even a hint of criticism at the previous activities of the author, that is, his history as one of the principal bomb-designers and makers for the Provos (bombs that blew the arms and legs off men, women and children indiscriminately), am I to infer that you rather admire him?

    If so, how do you look at yourself in the mirror every morning?
    David Duff

    PS: I sign this with my name and use my site as 'nickname' because I object to 'Blogger' refusing to link to commenters from other ISPs. said...

    Apologies; in my haste I forgot to add this link for those seekinga somewhat wider appreciation than that offered by our host:,6903,539076,00.html

    David Duff

    Gabriel said...

    I know nothing about Mr Monaghan I was only commenting on what he has written in his book Columbia Jail Journal David..Which is the subject of the post. I have no problem at all looking at myself in the mirror in the morning. Happy New Year! said...

    Forgive me, then, because I obviously misunderstood the somewhat breathless tone of your post. Given your expertise in Irish republican history I am surprised you knew nothing of Mr. Monaghan and his accomplices but now that you do, courtesy of me and the Guardian/Observer, you will no doubt join me in wishing that those 'damn Yankees', whose influence *in practice* appears to be much less than *your theory*, had actually succeeded in banging this trio of mass murderers away for 17 years.

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
    David Duff

    Pathetic Subjectivist said...

    But David - don't you know? They look so primitively stunning those people.

    Gabriel said...

    I think p.s. that its safe to say that whatever qualities the 'three' may have, 'stunning' primitive or not would not be one of them...But then again I suppose thats being a bit subjective is'nt it?
    I guess they're in all likelihood 'stunning' to some people, they evidently have made an impact on you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Anonymous said...

    Not only do Irish republicans end up in Colombian gaols but Colombian revolutionaries end up in the gaols of US imperialism -

    Send Holiday Greetings to Colombian Rebels in U.S. Jails

    Sisters and Brothers,

    The winter holidays are here. While many of us warmly celebrate with family and friends, Colombian revolutionaries Ricardo Palmera and Anayibe "Sonia" Valderrama continue to sit in lonely prison cells because they chose to fight against poverty and oppression in their own country.
    Ricardo Palmera and Sonia are political prisoners held hostage by George Bush and the U.S. empire. They have committed no crime; they have only rebelled against injustice and misery, poverty and death. Ricardo Palmera and Sonia dedicate their lives to the Colombian people and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

    Like nearly half of the 28,000-plus FARC members, Sonia is a brave woman from a peasant family who learned to read and write with the rebels and went on to become a leader of other fighters. A guerrilla commander, she was captured by the Colombian military, imprisoned on a Navy ship and then extradited to the U.S. Sonia’s trial was a blizzard of accusations and false testimony by drug traffickers, paid informants and rotten government officials. Sonia never stood a chance in a process fixed to convict her and she is now serving 17 years in a Texas prison, which is where George Bush belongs. The National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera continues support Sonia.

    Ricardo Palmera, a peace negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is in solitary confinement - now for a third year - allowed no family, no friends, no supporters and no interviews with the press. Still, Ricardo knows he is not alone, because when he enters the courtroom to testify he sees dozens of North American supporters raising their fists in solidarity. The smiling Colombian revolutionary knows we stand with him against the Bush administration’s military adventure, money and corruption. Palmera faces down his accusers with truth and the conviction of a revolutionary. When paid informants make up their stories, Palmera gives the defense lawyers questions that expose the lies to the American jury.

    When the ludicrous FBI agent Alejandro Barbeito claims Palmera and his Colombian lawyer agreed to an interrogation with no lawyer present. Palmera shouts, "You are a liar!" The U.S. government claims Palmera is a 'criminal,' but Professor Palmera is held under 'special administrative measures' and the trials are endlessly bizarre.

    The Washington D.C. trials are like grade school winter pageants gone wrong - Palmera is allowed no witnesses, Judge Hogan was forced to step down after he was caught cheating, Palmera beat the latest drug trial where there was no physical evidence - only 'testimony' from paid liars who can't keep their lines straight, convicted drug traffickers looking for get out of jail free cards and wickedly corrupt Colombian military and government officials. The jurors have chosen again and again to believe Professor Palmera over the Bush and Uribe regimes. In the latest 'drug trial' seven of the American jurors wanted to set Palmera free because there was no evidence, only accusations and slanders. The U.S. government claiming the FARC is involved in drugs is the same as the 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq. It is simply a lie to further U.S. military intervention. It is no wonder that Professor Palmera has beaten all but one of the charges - the one saying he belongs to a conspiracy, the FARC. If most Americans understood the oppressive realities of Colombia, they might consider joining the conspiracy too!

    So this holiday season, while George Bush acts the part of Scrooge, we ask you to reach out and warm the heart of the brave revolutionaries Ricardo Palmera and Sonia (Anayibe R. Valderrama). Send holiday cards and greetings to:

    Anayibe R. Vaderrama
    FMC Carswell
    Federal Medical Center
    P.O. Box 27137
    Ft. Worth, TX, 76127

    Ricardo Palmera
    C/O Federal Public Defender for D.C., Robert Tucker
    625 Indiana Ave., Suite 550
    Washington D.C. 20004

    Because this is a political trial with 'special administrative measures,' we must mail Palmera's cards to the U.S. court appointed attorney who can only tell Palmera about them. Please send a copy of your message to the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera at We will pressure the U.S. government to restore the rights of prisoners. By sending these messages of holiday solidarity, you are sending a clear message to Ricardo's jailers that you are concerned about the fate of this Colombian freedom fighter.

    In solidarity,
    The editors and staff of Fight Back!

    Gabriel, any chance you could link to the excellent Fight Back newspaper in the USA?

    Anonymous said...

    Learn to spell!! It's ColOmbia, for fexake.

    Anonymous said...

    those men are animals, it is a disgrace that they were allowed to return to ireland. I find especially amusing how they complain about the denial of their human rights, no thought to those whose human rights they denied

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