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April 07, 2012

Sultan Ahmed - Istanbul's Blue Mosque

I will be getting into the heavier photojournalism stuff this week, but for now here is a picture of the always stunning Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, photographed through a rain puddle.




I see some change in you...you're evolving...this photograph is simply awesome!

Love you, Zoriah!

Wishing you peace and happiness,


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66 East 11th Street, #3FL

Representative, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

110 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
O: (646) 998-7403  F: (646) 738-7465

Greenwich Village

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ListingID: 973330 | Type: Condominium
*** CLOSED ***
Bedrooms: 3  |  Baths: 3.5
Ft2/Mt2: 3,663/340 (aprx)
Doorman | Elevator | Pets allowed | Garage | Storage room | New development
Central AC | Dishwasher | Hardwood floors | Central Heating | High ceilings | Loft | Marble bath | Walk-in closet | Washer/Dryer
at 14th St-Union Square 0.2 miles
at Astor Place 0.2 miles
at 8th St 0.2 miles
at 3rd Av 0.3 miles
at West 4th St 0.4 miles
at 6th Av 0.4 miles




Located on a quiet street in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, 66 East 11th Street is a boutique Condominium conversion attended by a full-time doorman featuring only six residences, including this loft like 3,663 square foot floor-through ceilings that soar up to 11 feet, as well as both Southern and Northern exposures.

Newly finished with details entirely unique to the third floor, this exceptional home is unrivaled when it comes to downtown loft living. Upon entry, a keyed elevator opens directly into the residence. This glamorous loft occupies the entire third floor and boasts open kitchen, living and dining spaces. The oversized living/dining area with huge, triple glazed north facing windows is great for entertaining and creates a true loft experience. In addition, the residence features three South facing bedrooms, 3 full baths and one powder room.

The kitchen


School District #2

Points of Interest

Town Residential LLC is a licensed real estate broker in the state of New York All material presented herein is intended for information purposes only. While this information is believed to be correct, it is represented subject to errors, omissions, changes or withdrawal without notice. All property information, including but not limited to square footage, room count, and number of bedrooms should be verified by your own attorney, architect or zoning expert. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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