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Student Learning Plans (SLPs) – This Week’s #PTchat

January 21, 2013 December 8, 2015 Joe Mazza Uncategorized

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1/23/13 #ptchat hosted by Dana Sirotiak In order to monitor and scaffold a student’s growth progress, regular communication between the home and school is imperative to assure that students are appropriately developing academically, socially, and emotionally. Student Learning Plans (SLPs) should ensure strong adult-student relationships within the school whereby each student should have an adult mentor to assist them with accomplishing their goals.  Personalized Student Learning Plan is defined by the proposed New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C. 6A:8 – Standards and Assessment for Student Achievement) as “a formalized plan and process that involves students setting learning goals based on personal, academic and career interests, beginning in the middle school grades and continuing throughout high school with the close support of adult mentors that include teachers, counselors and parents”.  
What are the benefits of schools implementing individualized student learning plans for each student earlier in their academic careers?  What role does the child’s family plan in the development process?  
Join us this Wednesday, 1/23/13 on #PTchat at 9pm EDT as we discuss Student Learning Plans. Not on Twitter? Watch the LIVE Tweetchat link here.  Posted in Uncategorized Article By : Joe Mazza #EdCamp Comes to Knapp Elementary – Part 2 Teacher Feedback Holidays and Schools – Culture Beyond Heritage Tips for Parents to Get Kids Off to Best Start Possible w/ Dr. Michele Borba Leveling the language playing field for parents. Isn’t it about time? Through The Lens of a Parent – 10 Thoughts @KnappElementary Parent-Teacher Bumper Sticker 12-13 eFACE Webinar Hosted by Lorna Constantini of Ontario, CA Everyone is always going through something.

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