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UGG® Boots and Sheepskin Boots

UGG® boots are boots made of sheepskin by UGG® Australia. UGG® Australia owns trademark for the term UGG in North America, Europe and many other countries. The best quality sheepskin shoes are made of double-sided Marino sheepskin. The origin of UGG brand style can be found in Australia and New Zealand, where it is descriptive for a type of sheepskin boot. This comfortable and warm footwear became very fashionable in recent years all over the world, partly resulting from marketing efforts, but also due to endorsements from several celebrities, who helped to turn them into a hot fashionable article.


Historic jtyiwedf. водонепроницаемыеally, sheepskin boots have been popular with populations in cold climates, espcially those with access to sheepskin material, such as sheep shearers or herders. Other historical examples of sheepskin footwear use include use by World War I and II aviators, who needed to maintain warm feet in non-presurized planes, or use by competitive swimmers to keep their feet warm when out of the water.


There are several varieties and wide range of UGG® boot styles including Classic Tall and Classic Short , Ultra and Essential tall and Short varieties, as well as exposed fleece accent styles. You can get women's products in colors ranging from purple and pink to brown and tan, whereas men's come in more neutral colors.

Washing & Care

You can use waterproof leather agent. This will help to keep grime and dirt to a least amount as well as waterproof the footwear. Note, that that once your boot gets wet, you will have to apply another coat after it has dried. Some manufacturers also make products which are specifically designed for ugg care, as common products might damage the sheep skin. You can also wash your boot, but it has to be done carefully. Hand wash it in cold or slightly warm water using a mild detergent.

UGG® Boots in the United States

Young Australian surfer Brian Smith introduced the UGG® boots in the United States in 1978. Sheepskin boots have been stiched for long time on the coast of Australia and New Zealand, however it took long time and a bit of a luck to introduce them in America, where they became part of the fashion very quickly. In recent years, the UGG® shoes became more known in the United States as people became discovered their warmth and comfort. They were also popularized by some celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson or Oprah.

Features and Properties

UGG® boots are very practical footwear. The skin being the external layer and fleece used as a warm lining makes them feel comfortable and soft against bare feet. Thermostatic properties of sheepskin make it possible to warm your feet in cold weather, but in the same time the material lets the skin breathe and works as a natural air-conditioning in the summer. UGG® definitely belong to the finest products in sheepskin footwear.

UGG® Production

Authentic UGG boots are manufactured from double-faced sheepskin. Products, which are being sold at a very low price, are usually not made from sheep skin. They are either made from faux-fur or fake fur, and calling them ugg boots is misleading. Some manufacturers use pig-skin in order to cut their production cost. This kind of product is indeed cheap, but the quality is incomparable to authentic UGG®, although they are sometimes sold under their name.

When to Wear UGG® Boots

Don’t take the word boot literally. You can wear UGG® boots with skirts or jeans, put them on for work, for school, when going shopping, or late night party. The wool insulates your feet in the cold weather, but breathes in the heat, so you can wear them not only during winter, but in summer months as well. They are actually designed to be worn without socks to take advantage of the thermostatic character of the material.

Buying UGG® Boots

Be careful when you decide to buy UGG boots. Genuine (UGG® Australia made) products should have wool part on the inside and the leather part on the outside. Don't buy cheap sheepskin boots that have low quality leather. Especially some variations coming from China which use pigskin as outer layer, or cheap liner skins used as the internal layer are something to avoid. Always look for footwear made from 100% genuine sheepskin.

UGG® in the News

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    Police dept. donates confiscated fake UGGs, North Face jackets to Puerto Rico

    MADISON, Wis. - A Wisconsin police department is sending confiscated outerwear to Puerto Rico to donate to victims of Hurricane Maria. 

    The Franklin Police Department said it confiscated boxes of counterfeit UGG boots and North Face jackets during the St. Martins Fair over Labor Day Weekend. 

    Police said the boots and jackets were placed in evidence hold. Rather than destroying the counterfeit goods, Franklin police officials said they got permission from the legitimate corporate companies UGG and The North Face to donate the items instead. 

    Police said this week that officers are working with Mana Ministries, a Milwaukee-based charity, to donate the items to their disaster relief drive for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

    Police will turn over 40 pairs of boots and more than 310 jackets Thursday to be distributed in Puerto Rico.

    Some people questioned sending the outerwear to Puerto Rico, saying the items would make more sense staying in the Milwaukee area. 

    Police responded by noting there are North Face and UGG stores in Puerto Rico, and the clothing brands are widely sold there. 

    "The department is pleased to be able to provide clothing to people, who, in some cases, have lost all their personal possessions," Franklin PD wrote on its Facebook page Wednesday

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