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Fifi Mentos
· 25 September 2017
Linda is an extremely experienced clinician who has a wealth of experience working with children presenting with a range of developmental delays and disabilities.
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The OT Toolbox
2 November at 18:02

This is a great description of the developmental stages of writing!


Leanbh Occupational Therapy
6 October

Does your child or student love to chew on everything
leanbh uk

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  (Redirected from ChildLine)

Childline is a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the United Kingdom provided by the NSPCC.[1] Childline deals with any issue which causes distress or concern, common issues dealt with include child abuse, bullying, mental illness, parental separation or divorce, pregnancy, substance misuse, neglect, and psychological abuse.[2]

ChildLine logo.png
Founded 1986
Founder Dame Esther Rantzen
  • London
Area served
United Kingdom
Product Telephone helpline, Online 1-2-1 counsellor chat, Email a counsellor through childline
Website childline.org.uk



Childline's intention is to always keep calls confidential. Childline counsellors take action, however the situation, big or small, if they can help. Counsellors do not record calls but write down case notes of calls and sometimes counselling supervisors may also listen in to calls to make sure that they can help the best they can.[3]


Childline logo used from 1998-2007

In 1986 Esther Rantzen, presenter of That's Life!, a popular consumer TV show, suggested to the BBC that they create "Childwatch", a programme about child abuse that was screened on 30 October 1986 on BBC1, the aim being to try to detect children at risk before their lives were in danger. Viewers were asked if they would take part in the survey in an edition of That's Life!. A helpline was opened after the programme so that any child currently suffering abuse could call for help. Rantzen, together with her BBC producers Sarah Caplin and Ritchie Cogan, therefore suggested they should create a helpline specifically for children in danger or distress, to be open throughout the year, 24/7, and launch it on the programme.[4] The project was made possible by a benefactor Ian Skipper who underwrote the charity for the first three years.

Childline joined the NSPCC in February 2006, and extra resources were pledged in an attempt to ensure that no child's call goes unanswered.[5]

UK operationsEdit

Childline has 12 counselling centres around the UK, staffed largely by volunteers. The bases are located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester, Liverpool, Prestatyn, Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Belfast and Foyle, supported by the online only centres at Leeds and Cardiff. A restructure in 2011 saw the closure of the Childline bases in Exeter and Edinburgh, with Swansea relocating to Cardiff.[6] As many as 4,500 children phone Childline every day, though only 2,500 of these callers can be answered due to lack of resources. Since the merger with the NSPCC the service has expanded, and depends on public generosity to pay for the children's phone calls.

Unlike most other freephone helplines, Childline offers confidentiality to children unless their or someone else's life is in immediate danger. This is seen as one of the greatest strengths of the service, as it allows children to discuss their problems "safely" in the knowledge that no intervention will take place without their consent. The tragedy of child abuse is that the majority of children suffer in silence because they have been told that if they seek help they will not be believed, or they are threatened into silence, or they fear that intervention will inevitably shatter such happiness as they have, for example, break up the family. Children who ring Childline to disclose abuse are often encouraged to seek help from "trusted adults", the aim being to protect the child from harm causing as little ancillary damage as possible. Childline's counsellors are trained to use role play and empathy to build children's confidence. Childline offers its own training programme for volunteers who come from widely varied backgrounds, but must be over 16. Many counsellors have worked for years for the charity.

Calls to Childline do not appear on phone bills. Calls to Childline's number are not charged by any UK mobile network. Calls are free, can be made at any time, day or night and children can ring about any problem, whether asking for themselves or because they are worried about a friend.

Childline raises funds through several channels, including direct donations through the NSPCC, partnerships, events such as The X Factor Childline Ball[7] and through third-party fundraising organisations such as Justgiving.

Childline ScotlandEdit

Following Childline's merger with NSPCC in 2006, Childline Scotland was run by Children 1st under contract, available to all children and young people in Scotland up to 18 years of age. It had at that time bases in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.[8] The Edinburgh base has since closed. As of March 2012, Childline Scotland is run directly by the NSPCC. In 2011 the NSPCC in Scotland began to work with partners to introduce new services for children and families.[9]


Similar children's helplines using the name Childline have been formed in a number of countries. As of May 2013 these included Childline Botswana,[10] Childline India Foundation, Childline Ireland (Leanbh),[11] チャイルドライン (Japan),[12] Vaikų linija (lt)[13] (Lithuania), Childline South Africa, National Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka,[14] Child Helpline Tanzania,[15] Childline Trinidad and Tobago,[16] as well as organizations in Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago, Gibraltar, Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Some of these are independent charities; others have been set up by existing children's charities or more general helplines.

Childline in Ireland is run by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It was set up in 1989. In 2006 a text and online service, in association with Zamano, was established to increase the availability of the listening service for children in Ireland.

Childline Uganda helps people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS live a better life.[17]

Telephone numberEdit

The freephone number, 0800 1111, was one of the first 0800 numbers to be issued in the United Kingdom.[when?] Before BT allocated this number to Childline, 0800 1111 was used as a test line number by technicians. Other early allocated 0800 numbers were 10 digit, including the prefix. Childline's number is one of only a handful of 8 digit 0800 UK numbers to ever have been allocated and the only one still in use.

Childline is also available on the harmonised European number for child helplines, 116111.[18] Young people can also contact Childline through their website. They have a "chat to us button" in which young people can click and chat to a member of their team live. This service is available from 10am until 4am everyday.

See alsoEdit

  • Childline Concert
  • Child Helpline International
  • Youthline, a New Zealand counselling based service for youth, established in Auckland in 1970 by Father Felix Donnelly


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External linksEdit

  • Childline UK
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Remembering Theodore Bikel

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(Tune in to WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm Eastern Time over WFDU-FM 89.1 in the NYC/Northern New Jersey area, or on the web at www.wfdu.fm or iHeartRadio.com. On-demand streams of shows, including this one, are archived for two weeks by clicking HERE. A Sing Out! Radio Partner.)

ARTIST “Tune / Song”
ALBUM Label Website
Theme: HARVEY REID “Dirty Dish Rag”
Solo Guitar Sketchbook   Woodpecker Records – www.woodpecker.com
THEODORE BIKEL “Folklore Limited”
An Actor’s Holiday   Elektra Records – www.rhino.com

DAN SCHATZ “The Promise of Sowing”
The Promise of Sowing   Folk Legacy – www.folk-legacy.com , www.danschatz.com
Barn’s Burnt Down (Now I Can See the Moon)   Summersongs – www.summersongs.com
JANI IAN “Jesse”
The Bottom Line Archive: Janis Ian   Bottom Line Archive – www.bottomlinearchive.com

NOCTAMBULE “Mad Girl’s Love Song”
The Waking   self – www.noctambulemusic.com
Nearness of You   self – www.vancegilbert.com
Blue Sky   Whistling Dog – www.livingstontaylor.com

ANA EGGE “Dreamer”
Bright Shadow   self – www.anaegge.com
WILL PFRANG “Old Time Rhythm”
All Figured Out   self – www.willpfrang.com
MEG BRAUN “Red Bird”
Restless Moon   self – www.megbraun.com
DAVID MALLETT “Long Black Veil”
The Horse I Rode In On   North Road Records – www.davidmalllett.com

During the hour long tribute, I played excerpts of Theodore Bikel speaking about his life and music at the 2010 “Wisdom of the Elders” panel at 2010 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA). The
recording was provided by NERFA (www.nerfa.org).  I also shared the following selections:
In My Own Lifetime  Jewish Music Group – www.bikel.com
THEODORE BIKEL “Follow the Drinking Gourd”
From Bondage to Freedom  Elektra Records – www.rhino.com
Folk Songs of Israel Hallmark – Hallmark – www.bikel.com
THEODORE BIKEL “Tumbalayaka”
Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Folk Songs   Elektra Records – www.rhino.com
A Young Man and A Maid  Elektra Records – www.rhino.com
In My Own Lifetime  Jewish Music Group – www.bikel.com
THEODORE BIKEL with RAY BOGUSLAV “Al Harim (On the Mountain)”
The Newport Folk Festival 1960   Not Now Music – www.notnowmusic.com

ROBIN SPIELBERG “Circle of Life”
Sea to Shining Sea: A Tapestry of American Music  self – www.robinspielberg.com


Mark Twain   Music Melon – www.musicmelon.co.uk

KAIA KATER “Rose on the Mountain”
Sorrow Bound   Kingswood Records – www.kaiakater.com
Common Law Wife   self – www.angelaeasterling.com
Coffee Creek   Self – www.slocanramblers.com

DANIEL KOULACK & KARRNNEL SAWITSKY “How Does a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live”
Fiddle & Banjo   Hearth Music – www.hearthmusic.com
CHRIS SMITHER “Devil Got Your Man”
Still on the Levee  Signature Sounds – www.signaturesounds.com , www.smither.com
RHIANNON GIDDENS “Black is the Color”
Tomorrow is My Turn  Nonesuch Records – www.nonesuch.com , www.rhiannongiddens.com

CATHIE RYAN “Fare Thee Well”
Through Wind and Rain  Mo Leanbh – www.cathieryan.com
The Memory Wall  self – www.buddymondlock.com
CORINNE WEST “Audrey Turn the Moon”
Starlight Highway  Make Records – www.corinnewest.com

JACK HARDY “Forget-Me_Not”
Fast Folk: A Community of Singers and Songwriters  Smithsonian Folkways – www.folkways.si.edu
BROTHERS FOUR “Summertime”
In Person  Real Gone Music – www.realgonemusic.com
ED MCCURDY “Green Grow the Lilacs”
A Ballad Singer’s Choice  Tradition Records – Tradition Records
Ron Olesko
1000 River Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666

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About Ron Olesko

For over 40 years, Ron has been a radio programmer with WFDU-FM in Teaneck, New Jersey. He created WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS in 1980, a show that he continues to host and produce every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 6pm Eastern Time.

He’s the president of and booker for the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and is a regular contributor to Sing Out! as well as the host of the Folk Music Notebook blog on this site. Ron can also be found emceeing concerts and festivals around the NYC/NJ area.

A lifelong Mets fan and a rabid soccer geek, Ron is a Red Bull season ticket holder since their inception and will most likely be in his seat when not in the studio.

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