Smelly Feet In Your Uggs? Here’s The Cure

Uggs, we love em, we hate em, we love to hate em. Whatever your standpoint is regarding the world’s most discussed boots, they are hot.

Both in literal and metaphorical sense. As with all types of footwear that provide a warm, moist environment, sweaty feet are a result.

Do you too have smelly feet in your Uggs? And are you looking for a cure? I bet you do because you don’t want to discard your beloved woolly boots don’t you?

Well here’s what you can do to combat the bad odor your feet and Uggs may produce.

“My feet were so hot, they were soaking. “

Ugg boots are praised because they are so comfortable and warm. But oftentimes they are too warm.

Wet Uggs Make Stinky Uggs

Ugg boots are not waterproof (In Australia, where the popularity of these boots originated, they are only worn indoors)

Because of this water can go inside, for example on rainy days or when stepping into a puddle. When the water goes inside, bacteria can grow which leads to smell.

So avoid as much as possible getting your Uggs wet. If they did get wet, make sure to dry them well before wearing them again. Or use waterproof protective spray for Uggs.

When wet, they may also cause athletics foot, or another type of foot fungus to occur.

“fungus breeds in dark, wet environments – conditions that are usually seen inside the trendy sheepskin boots.”

The Ugg Boot Socks or No Socks Controversy

The Australian manufacturer recommends to wear Uggs without socks, as is advertised on the box. But we all know what happens with bare feet in footwear, sweat and foul odor ensue.

Fake, synthetic wool “Uggs” smell way more than genuine real lambswool Uggs

Important! Wear socks in your Uggs

Do always wear socks in your Uggs if your feet are sweaty. Cotton socks (at least 80%) absorb sweat and foot odor. There are however, better socks.

Socks will also prevent some of the bacteria from nesting in the wool lining inside the boots. If your socks are thin, wear two pairs.

There exists controversy around whether you should wear socks in your Uggs or not. You should however wear socks. It is claimed that because they are sheepskin that breathes you don’t have to wear socks but this is BS.

You will know if you walked the talk and ended up with very sweaty feet.

So repeat after me, I shall wear socks in my Uggs.

The cure for smelly Ugg feet

Ugg boots may cause really smelly feet
Ugg boots may cause really smelly feet

To effectively treat smelly feet in your Uggs you must decrease the bacteria already living in your boots.

Sprinkle baking soda in the boots to kill bacteria and simultaneously remove odors.

Wash them how you normally wash them. Make sure to dry them properly. Use rolled up newspapers to hasten the drying process and remove lingering odors.

After washing  your Uggs, use this spray. It’s magic. Spray it in your fluffy boots and make sure to reach all the way in the front.

Rocket Pure Natural Shoe Deodorizer is basically a foot spray you can use on footwear too. The blend of essential oils it contains make it truly powerful stuff.

More tips:

How to get the smell out of your Uggs

  • put a bag, clean nylon sock, or little box with baking soda inside and let it sit over a night
  • you can also use activated charcoal in a similar way
  • or, use an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer
  • if you sweat a lot you will want to ensure they dry out well in between. Boot dryers remove moist within a few hours.
  • wash your feet with an antibacterial soap
  • put baby powder over your feet before wearing the boots, it can help to dry up and absorb the sweat
  • use odor eater inserts, they can make a huge difference
  • put Bounce dryer sheets in them and air dry them (fabric softener towels that you put in the dryer)
  • spray the inside with Oust
  • change the inserts as often as possible
  • use cedar soles or other well reviewed insoles
  • leave them outside to air out after you have worn them
  • rotate wearing shoes, there should be at least 24 hours between wearing in order to let them air out. If you want to wear Uggs every day, buy another pair to rotate.
  • if you want to use a antiperspirant, use a hypo-allergenic antiperspirant


If your UGGs’ insoles have had a tough life you may want to replace them with new ones. Amazon offers sheepskin insoles replacements for UGGs and other footwear. Not all of them are original UGG liners yet many are backed with a rubber insole similar to original Ugg boots.

Share your experiences

Do you have smelly feet in your Uggs? Try these solutions and let us know if it works. Still have Ugh feet? Click here for more smelly feet cures.


15 thoughts on “Smelly Feet In Your Uggs? Here’s The Cure

  1. Julie restivo says:

    Uggs are not made Australia

    1. tina says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it.

    2. Emily says:

      Lol are you stupid yes they are !!! Lol even the website is called ugg Australia and the description of the website says made in Australia and the tag says mad in Australia , so don’t be stupide of course they are!!

      1. ugg støvler danmarker class="comment-meta">
        emy says:

        No they are made In America, the ugg brand is American, although ugg boots were invented in Australia

      2. Meagan says:

        The tag says made in China actually, and yes they are real ones

        1. Meagan says:

          Uggs are Manufactured by Deckers Outdoor Corporation They have been making them in China for the past 2 years. They used to make them in Australia and New Zealand but have not for 2 years or more. The uggs that are advertised as made in Australia or New Zealand are FAKES. They are not from Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

    3. ploopity john says:

      Duh yes they are read the label! It says “ugg australia”

      1. Veronica says:

        Um no. They are MADE IN CHINA. And have been for some time now. Just read the actual label. They used to be made in Australia but not anymore!

  2. Kathy says:

    Oreduce sprey is the only thing that helped me with my uggs! I recommend it anyone who ever faced this problem. It can also be used on any other item you can not wash or treat frequently.

    1. Kell says:

      Where can I get this spray

  3. Calvin says:

    I came across your web page searching this problem, odor, that we have started to develop with are UGGS. First off, we do find that UGGS are comfortable and we have worn them without socks. Like you said, we walked the talk and now have developed a really smelly situation in them. My girl friend complained one time about how sweaty they became after walking around indoors at a convention hall. I remember that the heat had been turned up higher then it should be in the building. It was in the 30’s that day outside. After reading our blog and others; we purchased a UV light shoe sanitizer, Oust spray and are wearing a liner socks.

  4. cr says:

    they are made in Vietnam….. read more. the idea came from Australia.

  5. Cindy Gaguine says:

    I haven’t worn socks in my uggs for 4 years. I live in a rain forest (Juneau, AK) and they get wet sometimes. They never smell.

  6. Luke says:

    We are from Australia and the whole family wears Ugg boots. But we had terrible problems with stinky boots. Thanks for your very helpful tips! I have tried different treatments. I followed your advice for using cedar wood soles. Our personal experiences are very positive, it helps very much. I bought the Zederna soles and it was not too expensive. Thanks again for your article!

  7. Jenny says:

    If you buy double faced sheepskin you will never get smelly Ugg boots. The reason they smell is because they are split skin with a wool backing glued on inside. Double sided sheepskin is a natural product wool one side suede or leather the other, it is a natural material and it breathes, not like the split skin cheap version which you will never get rid of that small.


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